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LemonHUB is a friendly Minecraft server that provides a secure playing environment to its members, with an emphasis on a creative and active community.

Minecraft is a computer game, where the aim is to build with square blocks and craft items from raw materials. There are various forms of gamemodes from Creative to Survival.



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A real Mnecraft account is needed to play minecraft on our network.



Our Minecraft Servers

View the Minecraft Server pages for information and commands:

Creative Freebuild Minecraft Server with protected 100x100 plots to build upon on

Een gezellige vrije-bouw Creative Freebuild ​Minecraft Server met beveiligde plot gebieden om te bouwen op

For the ultimate Minecraft Survival experience come to the Nedercraft Survival server and claim your land on

Kom voor de ultieme Minecraft Survival ervaring naar de Nedercraft Survival Server en claim je land op

Vanilla Minecraft PvP Server with a minimal plugins on

Vanilla Minecraft PvP Server met minimale plugins op

Join the LemonHUB server and navigate through different portals to servers on


Join de LemonHUB server en navigeer via portalen tussen andere servers op

Pixelmon Mod 3.0.4 Server on

Latest News

10.04.2014 | Lemonita is updated to Minecraft 1.7.7

01.04.2014 | Lemonita

Nedercraft Creative Freebuild is weer bereikbaar via of

12.02.2014 | Lemonita

Alle villagers hebben meer bouw plek gekregen in de villager wereld van de creative minecraft server van Nedercraft, join en claim jou creative plots met /findplot